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The Alarm Whirred…

I opened my eyes
To a world upside down
I still walked on the ground
But it just didn’t feel right
I felt scared I’ll fall up beyond the sky
It wasn’t gravity that pulled me anymore
But the unknown up above
It pulled at my skin
It pulled at my ribs
Trying to break away my heart
Trying to steal my breath
It scared me, yet it exhilarated me
It lifted me, scarily high
But it hurt,worse than falling down a hill
It was confusing, overwhelming
The pain, the high, the adrenaline
But it didn’t last long
And when I opened my eyes this time
The buzz of the alarm whirred in my ears.
The dream was now fleeting
Only the pain left behind
The pain of falling from a height
As reality sinks in, it flies away

-Twarit Kaur


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